Commercial Roofing Contractor Gettysburg, PA

Knowing that you have the number of a reliable commercial roofing contractor can be a huge relief for any business. Jake’s Roof Restorations is a reputable roofing company that takes on commercial roofing projects in Gettysburg, PA. We look to help clients out with great services at low prices. Schedule a free roof inspection today by calling us at (717) 360-8517.

Experienced Craftsmen

The roofers at Jake’s Roof Restorations have located and solved a number of commercial roof issues over the years. We bring and apply our wealth of roofing knowledge to each and every project. With our fully insured and licensed team on the job, you can be sure that your roof is in good hands.

Roof Replacements

No matter the issue, hiring an experienced commercial roofing contractor is important. This is especially true when it comes to getting a roof replacement. Mistakes that are made during the installation process can lead to a long road of roof issues and costly repairs. With Jake’s Roof Restorations replacing your commercial roof, you can rest assured knowing that the new roof will be installed flawlessly.

Roof Restoration

A roof coating is an affordable and effective way to greaten the lifespan of a commercial roof. The team at Jake’s Roof Restorations are experts at applying new roof coatings. After we’ve inspected your roof, we’ll let you know if we think that restoring it with a roof coating is the best option. A newly restored roof can last over a decade longer.

Roof Repairs & Roof Maintenance

Sometimes, a commercial roof just needs a simple roof repair. We use top of the line roof leak detection to locate the source of a leak. From there, we will find the best solution to the roof issue. On top of roof repairs, we also customize roof maintenance plans to suit each specific roof that we work on.

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The team at Jake’s Roof Restorations looks forward to helping new clients in Gettysburg, PA. With great prices and a full squad of experienced roofing specialists, you can count on us for a job well done. Find out more about how we can help by reaching out to us today at (717) 360-8517.

Commercial Roofing Services Gettysburg, PA

Jake’s Roof Restorations offers a number of commercial roofing services to the people of Gettysburg, PA. Clients appreciate our professional approach to each project. Our experienced roofing specialists are dedicated to providing top notch roofing solutions. You can learn more about our services by giving our team a call today at (717) 360-8517.

Commercial Roof Replacements

Time for a new roof? Choosing the right roofing company to take care of a roof replacement is important. The roofs installed by Jake’s Roof Restorations have a great track record. We know what it takes for a roof to hold up against all four seasons here in Pennsylvania. Despite our high-quality roof replacements, you’ll find that our prices remain competitive with other roofing companies in the area.

Roof Coatings

If you think it might be time for a new roof coating, the roofing technicians at Jake’s Roof Restorations are the best around. A new roof coating comes with a number of advantages. For starters, your roof will be protected from leaks for years to come because of the seamless membrane. Additionally, a new roof coating can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a commercial building.

Regular Roof Inspections

It goes without saying that the longer a roof can last before needing to be replaced, the better. A roof replacement takes a decent amount of labor and the new materials can be expensive. Obviously, every roof needs replacing eventually. However, with regular roof inspections, a roof will stay in solid condition for a lot longer.

Great Prices

Listed above are just a few of the services that our company has to offer. We’re confident that when it comes to craftsmanship, our company is in the top tier. However, we also take pride in our excellent prices. When your roof needs work, we’ll give you a free onsite project estimate.

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When you get in touch with the team at Jake’s Roof Restorations, you’ll find that working with us is easy. We offer the top commercial roofing services in Southern Pennsylvania, including Gettysburg, PA. To set up a free roof inspection or to find out more about our services, reach out to us at (717) 360-8517.

Roof Inspection – Gettysburg, PA

When you choose Jake’s Roof Restorations for any of your commercial roofing needs in the Gettysburg, PA area, you can be certain your roof is in great hands. We know that the best way to keep your roof in excellent shape is to keep up with your roof inspections. A roof inspection is a simple way to ensure your roof can always protect your building. Anytime we inspect your commercial roof, you will get a complete, detailed report with everything we find on your roof. No issue will be allowed to go unfound and whatever we find will be resolved right away. Give us a call at (717) 360 – 8517.

Thoroughness You Can Trust

At Jake’s Roof Restorations, we know just how valuable a thorough roof inspection is. When we inspect your roof, we will completely examine the exterior of your roof, as well as the interior. Even the smallest issue can cause major problems when it goes undetected. Every roofer we have on our team is trained to deliver only the most in-depth and comprehensive inspections to ensure your roof is properly serviced. Our roofers are trained in leak detection as well to ensure no water can cause damage to the inside of your roof and building. We recommend having at least two annual roof inspections to keep your roof in excellent shape, having your roof inspected after a major storm is also incredibly important. Storms can cause big problems for your roof, be it from a broken tree or branch, or standing water on your roof, you can count on us to get your roof taken care of. 

Reach Out Today

If you are in the Gettysburg, PA area and would like to know what condition your roof is in, call the experts at Jake’s Roof Restorations for a complete roof inspection. We know a roof inspection is the first step to keeping your roof in pristine condition, once we’ve inspected your roof, we will provide you with a free estimate so you will know just what it will take to get your roof back in like new condition. Reach out to us today at (717) 360 – 8517.

Flat Roof Replacement – Gettysburg, PA

At Jake’s Roof Restoration, we provide the people of the Gettysburg, PA area with a wide array of commercial roofing services that they can depend on for the long term. With the new year right around the corner, it is a good time to start considering your ideal roofing budget for the year. A flat roof replacement is a big investment, but when you work with the experts at Jake’s Roof Restoration, you can feel good knowing you will not only get a roof that will be fit to last, but you will be getting it a great cost. We offer affordable and durable roofing solutions to all our customers and know you will be happy with our prices. Reach out to us today at (717) 360 – 8517.

More Than Restorations

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of our specialties is roof restorations, but we do also offer a complete list of commercial roofing solutions. When we inspect our customer’s roofs, we will always see if it could get a few more years of life with a simple roof restoration, and if that isn’t the case, then we will give you the best options for replacements. Having your new roof installed by professionals is incredibly important to ensure it can last and protect your building for the long term. Our roofers are expertly trained in roof replacements as well as restorations and you can feel good knowing that your new roof will be done perfectly. We will help you choose the right roof for your building and your budget.

Call the Experts

For a flat roof replacement you can depend on for years, perhaps even decades, call the experts at Jake’s Roof Restorations at (717) 360 – 8517. We have replaced a lot of roofs in our years of experience and will get yours done properly so that you can feel good knowing it will protect your building for years. If you are in the Gettysburg, PA area and need help deciding if it’s time for a replacement, we’re here to help. Our expert roofers are always honest with our customers and will never recommend an unnecessary roofing service.

Flat Roof Repair – Gettysburg, PA

When it comes time for your commercial roof to have a flat roof repair done, or another roofing service, you can count on the team at Jake’s Roof Restoration. We provide the people of the Gettysburg, PA area with impeccable commercial roofing services that they can rely on. We deliver unbeatable workmanship as well as customer service and we know you won’t be disappointed when you work with us. Whatever your commercial roof needs, you can be certain that our expert roofers will get it back in great shape in no time. We offer free estimates so that you will know what it will take to have your roof performing like new again before we even begin the work. Reach out to us today at (717) 360 – 8517.

Commitment You Can Count On

Jacob Burns, owner of Jake’s Roof Restorations, is fully committed to each and every customer we have. We believe that our job isn’t complete until you are 100% happy and satisfied with our work on your roof. From the moment you call, you will be treated like family and we will always work on your roof just like we would our own. Jake has worked hard to build a team of trained and certified professional roofers. No company can be successful without a quality team that knows what they are doing. For roofing services you can depend on anytime of the year, give us a call.

Call Today

When you have our number, you won’t have to worry about calling on any other roofing company in the Gettysburg, PA area. We offer a complete list of commercial roofing services and we work on all types of commercial roofs so you can be certain we can be your one stop shop for all things involving your commercial roof. It doesn’t matter if you need a flat roof repair, a roof coating, or another type of roofing service, we’ll get you and your roof taken care of right away. Learn more about what we can do for you and your roof, give us a call at (717) 360 – 8517.

Roof Coating – Gettysburg, PA

At Jake’s Roof Restorations, just one of our specialties is restorative roof coatings. We deliver flawless roof coating applications to the people of the Gettysburg, PA area. A roof coating can extend the life of your roof by years and the benefits are vast. This is why we have chosen to have “restorations” in our name, we know how amazing and beneficial they truly are for commercial roofs and their owners. When you call on us, you can rest easy knowing your roof is always in great hands and we will do our best to restore it to like new condition so that it can continue to do its job properly. Reach out to us today at (717) 360 – 8517.

Coat for Protection

A roof coating is a wonderful roofing service to have done anytime of the year. It offers complete protection for your roof and ensures it will be waterproof once again. Roof coatings are a seamless application that keep your roof performing like new. They are incredibly lightweight which makes it possible to reapply right on top of an old coating. With regular roof inspections, our expert roofers will be able to keep you in the know about the condition of your roof and will let you know when it is an ideal time to have your roof restored. Roof restorations allow you to get many extra years out of your roof and really help you maximize the life of your current roof.

Call for Year-Round Services

No matter the time of year, you can feel good knowing that when you call on the experts at Jake’s Roof Restorations, you will be getting the same great workmanship, rain or shine. We know your roof is constantly working to protect your building which is why we are always available to make sure it can do it right. Whether you need a roof coating, regular roof maintenance, or another type of commercial roofing service, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call at (717) 360 – 8517 to set up a roof inspection, or to receive a free estimate. We look forward to helping more customers in the Gettysburg, PA area.

Commercial Roofing Companies – McConnellsburg, PA

When it comes to commercial roofing companies in the McConnellsburg, PA area, Jake’s Roof Restorations is the top choice. Our technicians are all professionally trained and knowledgeable, but they also believe customer service is equally as important as quality workmanship. We provide the people of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia with only the finest commercial roofing services and will work on your roof as if it were our own. We know your roof is not only a major investment, but it is also the first line of defense against weather and other potential issues. For a roof you can trust in year-round, give us a call at (717) 360 – 8517.

Safe for Everyone

At Jake’s Roof Restorations, we take safety very seriously and make sure that not only are our roofers always safe and doing things properly, but we guarantee that you and everyone else in your building will be safe too. We take all the proper precautions and make sure every day is started with a meeting to ensure every step is done right. Our roofers are trained and insured which means you and your roof are always in great hands. If you ever have a question or concern about the work being done on your roof, we will make sure it is addressed right away. Your satisfaction is always important to us and we believe the job isn’t complete until you are completely satisfied.

Reach Out Today

Not all commercial roofing companies are alike, and your commercial roof is something you want to make sure you always have taken care of properly. Any issues that are left to sit can cause major problems quickly, which costs you far more stress and money than necessary. When you work with Jake’s Roof Restorations, you can feel good knowing that any roofing service you have performed by us will be done right from the beginning and no issues will go undetected. For quality roofing services that you can rely on in the McConnellsburg, PA area, reach out to us at (717) 360 – 8517.

Flat Roof Replacement McConnellsburg PA

There are multiple signs that your roof needs to be replaced, like storm damage or repetitive repairs. But this doesn’t have to be an added stress to your business. When you work with the team at Jake’s Roof Restorations, we can take the stress out of your flat roof replacement. Our goal is to help your McConnellsburg, PA facility have the flat roof replacement done quickly and correctly. We will take all the pressure off of your shoulders and help create a seamless process.

To learn more about how we can help you, please call 717-360-8517.

The Replacement Specialists

When your roof was installed, the intention was that it should last. While nothing lasts forever, with regular maintenance and upkeep, a flat roof can last up to fifty years. However, when the time comes that your commercial flat roof needs to be replaced, you can tell by these signs:

  • Extensive damage – this can come from UV damage, storm damage, ignored repairs, or other problems. Extensive damage will require costly repairs, making a replacement a smarter choice
  • Prolonged Ponding Water – any water that sits on the roof membrane for more than 48 hours can begin to deteriorate it. Constant water can not only destroy the membrane, it can also cause damage to your roofing structure.
  • Separating Seams – If your seams have separated, generally a roof coating can handle minor issues. However, if they are too far separated you might be facing a roof replacement.

If the time comes for your facility, having a quality roofing contractor that uses superior roofing materials is paramount. Jake’s Roof Restorations has been providing business owners and property managers around McConnellsburg, PA with quality flat roof replacements for years.

Call Today to Schedule

If you’d like to have our team visit your McConnellsburg, PA facility, please call our office at 717-360-8517. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote for a flat roof replacement and tailor it to your unique facility needs. We’re here to help take the stress out of your project and provide you with a new roof that will last a lifetime.

Rubber Roof Repair McConnellsburg PA

As a popular choice among commercial building owners, rubber roofs have qualities that are durable and affordable. However, there will come a time that they sustain damage, whether be from the passage of time or from constant exposure to nature’s elements. If that time as come and your rubber roof is in need of repair, call our team at Jake’s Roof Restorations. We’d be happy to visit your McConnellsburg, PA facility and provide you with repairs you can count on. Contact us today at 717-360-8517.

Rubber Roof repair Services

Our team is here to provide a full range of solutions that address any need your rubber roof may be facing. We can provide small, localized repair, or provide solutions that address the needs of your entire roof without having to replace it. We do this by adding a coating over your existing rubber roof that will naturally strengthen your current system and address any weaknesses. These restorations offer the following:

  • Seamless membrane that addresses water infiltration
  • Elastomeric properties that expand and contract with temperature fluctuations
  • Elastomeric qualities also help against cracking, blisters and peeling
  • Significantly more affordable than replacement
  • No expensive and disruptive tear off procedures
  • Extends your rubber roofs life for 10+ years
  • White, reflective coating helps reduce A/C costs by up to 30%
  • Lowers dark roof surface temperatures by up to 80 degrees
  • And more!

These roof restoration options are great for business owners and property managers who keep having to spend money on localized repairs. Instead of continuing to repair your roof, a coating addresses every problem area on the surface at once, helping your budget!

Call Today to Learn More

No matter what type of problem your rubber roof is facing, our team at Jake’s Roof Restorations is here to help. We provide trusted services for clients in and around McConnellsburg, PA and your satisfaction is guaranteed. With almost a decade and a half of roofing experience, you can count on our team to repair your rubber roof properly and efficiently.

To learn more about how we can help you, call 717-360-8517.

Commercial Roofing Services McConnellsburg PA

When your commercial or industrial property is having problems with your roof, it can not only disrupt business operations, but it can also be costly. Our team at Jake’s Roof Restorations is here to provide business owners in McConnellsburg, PA with commercial roofing services they can count on. Call our office at 717-360-8517 to schedule your free roof assessment.

Common Commercial Roofing Problems & How to Solve Them

No building is impervious to roofing problems. However, with proper planning and maintenance, you can help improve your roofs service life. Here are the most common roofing problems our team sees, and how we suggest approaching them.

  1. Roof Leaks – No matter what type of roofing membrane you have, a leaking roof equals a problem.
    Solution – Call our team at the first sign of trouble. If your roof is not already on a preventative maintenance program, we will resolve your leak then discuss options to help reduce water infiltration.
  2. Blow Offs – When your roof is not properly secured, you are at risk of a blow off.
    Solution – Have a professional contractor, like Jake’s Roof Restoration, install your roofing membrane properly. If a blow-off is from storm damage, call our team for emergency assistance to prevent the spread of any additional damage.
  3. Lack of Maintenance – Any roof that has not had proper maintenance is at risk of cutting its service life in half.
    Solution – Regular roof inspections and maintenance can catch problems in their early stages and address them quickly. This not only helps improve your roofs lifespan, it decreases your roofing expenses over the life of the unit.
  4. Ponding Water – Water that sits on your roofing membrane for more than 48 hours can cause a threat. Not only does this add additional weight to your structure, it also deteriorates the roofing membrane.
    Solution – Your drainage systems need to be addressed. Adding additional drains or using tapered insulation can help resolve ponding water

Call Our Team for Your Roofing Needs

Listed above were just a few of the common problems we see with roofing units. If you are facing any of these issues, or anything else that is out of the ordinary, please give our team a call. You can reach us at 717-360-8517. We will schedule a time to have one of our experienced technicians view your McConnellsburg, PA facility and provide you with an estimate for our trusted commercial roofing services.