Commercial Roofing Services McConnellsburg PA

When your commercial or industrial property is having problems with your roof, it can not only disrupt business operations, but it can also be costly. Our team at Jake’s Roof Restorations is here to provide business owners in McConnellsburg, PA with commercial roofing services they can count on. Call our office at 717-360-8517 to schedule your free roof assessment.

Common Commercial Roofing Problems & How to Solve Them

No building is impervious to roofing problems. However, with proper planning and maintenance, you can help improve your roofs service life. Here are the most common roofing problems our team sees, and how we suggest approaching them.

  1. Roof Leaks – No matter what type of roofing membrane you have, a leaking roof equals a problem.
    Solution – Call our team at the first sign of trouble. If your roof is not already on a preventative maintenance program, we will resolve your leak then discuss options to help reduce water infiltration.
  2. Blow Offs – When your roof is not properly secured, you are at risk of a blow off.
    Solution – Have a professional contractor, like Jake’s Roof Restoration, install your roofing membrane properly. If a blow-off is from storm damage, call our team for emergency assistance to prevent the spread of any additional damage.
  3. Lack of Maintenance – Any roof that has not had proper maintenance is at risk of cutting its service life in half.
    Solution – Regular roof inspections and maintenance can catch problems in their early stages and address them quickly. This not only helps improve your roofs lifespan, it decreases your roofing expenses over the life of the unit.
  4. Ponding Water – Water that sits on your roofing membrane for more than 48 hours can cause a threat. Not only does this add additional weight to your structure, it also deteriorates the roofing membrane.
    Solution – Your drainage systems need to be addressed. Adding additional drains or using tapered insulation can help resolve ponding water

Call Our Team for Your Roofing Needs

Listed above were just a few of the common problems we see with roofing units. If you are facing any of these issues, or anything else that is out of the ordinary, please give our team a call. You can reach us at 717-360-8517. We will schedule a time to have one of our experienced technicians view your McConnellsburg, PA facility and provide you with an estimate for our trusted commercial roofing services.