Flat Roof Replacement McConnellsburg PA

There are multiple signs that your roof needs to be replaced, like storm damage or repetitive repairs. But this doesn’t have to be an added stress to your business. When you work with the team at Jake’s Roof Restorations, we can take the stress out of your flat roof replacement. Our goal is to help your McConnellsburg, PA facility have the flat roof replacement done quickly and correctly. We will take all the pressure off of your shoulders and help create a seamless process.

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The Replacement Specialists

When your roof was installed, the intention was that it should last. While nothing lasts forever, with regular maintenance and upkeep, a flat roof can last up to fifty years. However, when the time comes that your commercial flat roof needs to be replaced, you can tell by these signs:

  • Extensive damage – this can come from UV damage, storm damage, ignored repairs, or other problems. Extensive damage will require costly repairs, making a replacement a smarter choice
  • Prolonged Ponding Water – any water that sits on the roof membrane for more than 48 hours can begin to deteriorate it. Constant water can not only destroy the membrane, it can also cause damage to your roofing structure.
  • Separating Seams – If your seams have separated, generally a roof coating can handle minor issues. However, if they are too far separated you might be facing a roof replacement.

If the time comes for your facility, having a quality roofing contractor that uses superior roofing materials is paramount. Jake’s Roof Restorations has been providing business owners and property managers around McConnellsburg, PA with quality flat roof replacements for years.

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