Roof Coating Bedford, PA

Are you thinking it could be time to restore your roof? Jake’s Roof Restorations offers first class roof restoration services to people in Bedford, PA.  A roof coating is an excellent solution for a lot of commercial roofs. You can get a free quote on a new roof coating today by giving us a call at (717) 360-8517.

Lower Energy Costs

One of the great things about a roof coating is its reflectivity. Once applied to the surface of a roof, it will reflect the sun. This keeps a building cooler during hot days, meaning less energy will be consumed by A/C units. The result is many years of significant savings!

A Superior Alternative

In many instances, getting a roof coating is better than a roof replacement. Many people pay large sums of money to have their roof replaced prematurely. Since a roof coating is so effective at restoring the condition of a roof, many roof replacements can be postponed. Restoring a roof with a roof coating is significantly cheaper and less disruptive than a roof replacement.

You might not know what’s best for your roof, but that’s our job anyways. We’ll inspect your roof for free and let you know the best solution. If this is a roof coating, we can go into more detail about the benefits. However, if we think that a different service is needed given the condition of your roof, such as a roof repair or roof replacement, you can still count on us to get the job done right.

More About Us

Jake’s Roof Restoration has a team of qualified, licensed, and insured roofing specialists. We follow OSHA safety guidelines and have an impeccable safety record. Company owner Jacob Burns has 15+ years of roofing experience and makes sure that Jake’s Roof Restorations always delivers flawless project results.

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The roofers at Jake’s Roof Restoration are prepared to assist more people in Bedford, PA. Getting a quality roof coating for your commercial roof is easy when you choose our roofing experts for the job. The first step is setting up a free roof inspection by giving us a call today at (717) 360-8517.