Flat Roof Repair McConnellsburg, PA

Are you becoming frustrated with recurring repairs needed on your flat roof? If so and you’re located in or around McConnellsburg, PA, please reach out to our team. We’d be happy to provide you with flat roof repair solutions that can keep you from spending a fortune on repeated repairs. To reach us call 717-360-8517.

We understand that your roof is a vital part of your day to day business operations, which is why we will provide you with solutions that are efficient, minimizing business disruptions. We handle repairs of all sizes and are here for you.

Constant Repairs Doesn’t Mean Replacement is Needed

We know that many other contractors immediately jump to the need for full roof replacement when a roof becomes riddled with repairs. While in some cases this might be necessary, there is a better option for others.

If you haven’t heard about a roof coating (also known as a roof restoration), we’d be happy to tell you about them. They are a liquid that is spray applied directly over your current flat roof, resolving all the problems that you once had.

  • Leaking – Solved!
  • Weathering – Solved!
  • Ponding Water – Solved!
  • Dark Surface – Solved!
  • Aging – Solved!

They not only solve those issues, but many more as well. And not only that, they also have a substantial amount of benefits that business owners love. Included in these benefits are:

  • White surface that reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays
  • Energy cost savings of up to 30% annually
  • No costly tear off
  • No expensive labor fees
  • Quick installation with minimal business disruptions
  • Extends the life of existing roof by up to two decades
  • And more!

Our Promise to You

When you work with our team for the flat roof repair needs of your McConnellsburg, PA property, you’ll immediately notice our honesty and integrity. We believe in treating each client with respect and would be proud to show you how we stand out.

To work with our team, please call 717-360-8517. We’re here to help solve your roofing challenges and get your roof back to top condition.