Flat Roof Repair Greencastle, PA

When a flat roof has intruding water, it can leave your whole building exposed to the damage. To make matters worse, pinpointing a flat roof leak can be incredibly tricky because of how unpredictable water can spread on flat surfaces. This often leads to premature replacements and other costly services. Here at Jake’s Roof Restorations, we are true professionals when it comes to roof leak detection. If your building is in Greencastle, PA and it needs a flat roof repair, give us a call at (717) 360-8517.

Roof Restoration

How old is your flat roof? Despite being known for their durability, even flat roofs wind up needing to be replaced. However, you can often get another decade or more out of your flat roof when you get a roof coating at the right time. Jake’s Roof Restorations is a company that specializes in restoring roofs with roof coatings.

A roof coating is nothing more than a thin protective membrane that sticks to the surface of your flat roof. This will give it a seamless barrier to protect it from the rain, snow, and hail. Being that roof coatings are also reflective, getting a roof coating usually comes with the added benefit of improving the energy-efficiency of your building.

Our Flat Roof Repairs & Inspections

Sometimes, a quick repair is all a flat roof really requires. The only way to find this out is with a roof inspection. Of course, it’s important to hire a company that really knows what to look for when it’s time to schedule an inspection.

At Jake’s Roof Restorations, our roofing specialists are masters at finding and repairing all the little things that are going on with your flat roof. Whether it’s ponding water, membrane deterioration, etc., we have you covered. We’re a full-service roofing company that has a great reputation across Pennsylvania.

Call Us Today!

When your roof requires a flat roof repair, waiting is usually a bad decision. This can easily lead to more serious and costly issues. The people of Greencastle, PA can trust Jake’s Roof Restorations for an effective flat roof repair. To get the ball rolling, please give us a call at (717) 360-8517.