Rubber Roof Repair, Hagerstown MD

If you are a business owner or property manager in Hagerstown, MD, or any of the surrounding areas, then you know rubber roofs are a popular and practical choice for commercial buildings. For more than half a century, rubber has proven itself to be a durable, affordable, functional roofing material. However, just like any roofing system, over time, rubber is prone to develop issues. When that happens, call Maryland’s rubber roof repair specialists – Jake’s Roof Restorations – at (717) 360-8517.

The experts at Jake’s Roof Restorations have the tools, technology, and training to repair any of your rubber roof’s problems. We look forward to working with you!

Superior Rubber Roof Repairs In Maryland

In nearly 2 decades of service, the professionals at Jake’s Roof Restorations have seen it all when it comes to commercial rubber roof damages. We can handle all your repair needs, no matter how big or small your roof. Some of the most common issues we diagnose and address include:

  • Roof uplift – The membrane can pull up from the edges, especially during high winds.
  • Holes – Rubber is susceptible to developing holes or punctures, usually due to careless foot traffic or dropped objects.
  • Shrinkage – Temperatures in Maryland range from extreme cold in the winter to hot summers, which can cause the rubber membrane to stretch and expand and contract, creating gaps.
  • General wear and tear – Normal exposure to wind, rain, moisture, and sun can cause the rubber to slowly deteriorate.
  • Ponding water – Rubber roofs are a popular choice among flat and low-slope roofs, which can develop low spots where the water sits and can cause a leak.

Leak Repair Specialty

At Jake’s Roof Restorations, we provide premium leak detection and repair services. Our high-tech infrared cameras allow us to zero in on the source and path of your roof’s leaks. Many times, an interior leak becomes apparent, but the main point of intrusion is far away. Our infrared cameras allow us to find not only the location where the leak exits, but the source as well (and everything in between).

When you need leak repairs for your rubber roof, and fast, Jake’s Roof Restorations is your go-to commercial roofer. We will respond quickly, track the leak, and suggest the best treatment available, whether it involves a simple patch or a waterproof industrial coating. 

Rubber Roof Restoration

Jake’s Roof Restorations is so named because roof restoration is our specialty. We offer high-quality, elastomeric roof coatings for a number of commercial roofing systems, including rubber roofs. With just 2 applications of rubber roof coatings from Jake’s you can see the following benefits:

  • Waterproof, seam-free coverage from edge-to-edge
  • 85% reflectivity, for a cooler roof and building interior
  • Up to 50% savings in utility costs
  • Class A fire resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • 5-7 year return on investment
  • ENERGY STAR certification and associated rebates
  • And more!

Call us today at (717) 360-8517 to learn more about our coating options for rubber roofs.

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When you hire Jake’s Roof Restorations to repair your rubber roof, you can count on receiving the best care and the most innovative and effective solutions in the industry. We will quickly and accurately diagnose your rubber roof’s issues and recommend the appropriate treatment. For clients in the Hagerstown, MD area, call us today to get started! (717) 360-8517