Roof Coating – Frederick, MD

Roof coatings are a newer roofing service in the industry, and they have only proven to have wonderful benefits. We proudly offer this service to our clients and will always push to restore a roof before we must replace it. Sadly, not enough building owners and property managers know about roof coatings and the incredible benefits they have to offer which then causes premature roof replacements. We are ready to give you all the information you need about roof coatings so that you can decide if it’s the right option for you and your roof. We provide free estimates to our clients in the Frederick, MD area, just give us a call at (717) 360 – 8517.

Benefits Galore

When you feel like your roof needs a little TLC, let us fill you in on the extensive list of benefits that roof coatings offer. Roof restoration is overlooked far too often, and it is our favorite service to provide our clients because we know you will be impressed with the results. Roof coatings are far more affordable than roof replacements and keep unnecessary materials out of the landfills. Not only are roof coatings more affordable, but they can also save you money on your energy bills by reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays.

When applied to a solid roof and applied properly, roof coatings can be applied time and time again to add years to the life of your current roof. Roof coatings are a highly durable, seamless, and waterproof way to renew the life of your current roof. That is just a quick overview of a few of the many benefits of roof coatings. When you feel like a roof coating could benefit your roof and building, let our technicians give you all the details of this wonderful restorative roofing option.

Call Today!

Give our team a call at (717) 360 – 8517, we will set up a time for a technician to come out and assess your roof to make sure it is a good candidate for a roof coating. We offer free roofing estimates to our clients in the Frederick, MD area and are ready to get a roof coating applied on your roof.